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What was the inspiration behind the creation of IM POSSIBLE?


 This book came to be a physical manifestation back when I was an elementary school teacher. Every second Tuesday, I was the lunch monitor for the kindergarten room. The first twenty minutes the students were eating, and the last twenty they were outside. During the cold, winter months getting the kindergartens out was a long, chaotic process, and this day was no exception. 

Zack, an incredibly cute and determined boy, was at the other end of the coat rack from me trying very hard to zip up his zipper. He trudged his way through the packed coat area accidentally stepping on classmates’ shoes, mitts and anything else in his way, determined to share his desperation and frustration with me. 

Zack looked up at me and said, “Miss Bayne, this is impossible!” 

We had worked on this skill before, so I said, “Hmm. Zippers are stubborn sometimes. Come with me. I want to reveal a secret!” 

He followed me into the classroom with a few other curious students. Soon the whole class was voluntarily back in the room. I wrote IMPOSSIBLE on the classroom whiteboard, and together, we discussed the definition. Then I told them to listen up because I was about to reveal the secret. 

“Look at this!” I said, “IMPOSSIBLE is really IM POSSIBLE, which means nothing is impossible because you are possible. What is possible?” 

A child called out, “Anything!” 

Another child called out, “Me!”

Kindergarteners are brilliant.

Like a magic trick, I saw waves of wonder wash over and wide eyes form full of excitement, imagination, and hope. Zack reached down to his coat zipper and repeated over and over, “IM POSSIBLE. IM POSSIBLE!” until he successfully zipped it up. 

My next scheduled Tuesday monitoring the kindergarten room, I noticed the IM POSSIBLE front and centered on their classroom whiteboard was never removed. When it came time to start getting ready for outside, I heard chants of “IM POSSIBLE” as each student independently and successfully put on their gear. 

This was when the “secret” became a book, and the lesson became a mantra. 

What is possible for your child today?

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