Love and a Guitar


I hadn’t seen him in years

but I knew he’d be there,

his band was opening at a pub

for the local county fair.


I had moved away

and the distance hurt too much,

so we just went our separate ways

and through the years lost touch.


I was just home for the weekend

when I heard his band was playing a new song,

his voice was always my favorite

made me feel right where I belong.


I arrived at the set

just as his band began to play,

so I just slid into the back

as I felt my body sway.


This was the music

of my old high school soundtrack,

as soon as I heard his voice

I immediately went back.


So many years had past

but I felt like I was right back there,

to my seventeen-year-old self

keeping him in my stare.


Through the break in the light

his eyes caught a glimpse of mine,

and at that moment I felt

as if our two souls aligned.


He stopped playing the guitar

and he came over off the stage,

it was like a new chapter being written

with the same old intro page.


We stood and stared

about a foot or two apart,

until the audience began cheering

and I felt the beat of my heart.


He came closer

 and brushed the hair from my eye,

cradled my neck in his hand

as he gave me back those butterflies.


He tried to find words

but nothing came out

we both smiled because we knew

what it was all about.


He lifted me up

in a full tight embrace,

spun me around in a hug

this was my old favorite place.


I had not seen him

for more than a decade,

I had left this place

but my heart had truly stayed.


How you feel in a moment

triumphs any other thing,

trust in your truth

and feel the happiness it brings.