I will Meet You at the Swings!


“I will meet you at the swings at a quarter to three,

whatever you are going through you can put it all on me”.


My best friend and I have been meeting at the swings,

since our elementary school days to sort through all kinds of things.


When we are upset and swing, problems just never seem that bad,

it is nearly impossible to swing and at the same time be mad.


Try it! I dare you. Next time something gets the best of you,

meet your best friend at the swings and it will become your ritual too!

We’ve grieved on those swings, we’ve talked about boys,

we’ve managed through heartbreaks and learned to drown out the noise.


We’ve laughed until we’ve cried, cried until we’ve laughed,

swinging on the swings has been the best to edit my draft.


It often feels as we get older our problems are more intense,

but swinging beside her somehow things just start to make sense.


Swinging remind us to stay playful and to see the beauty in the mess,

we have spent hours on those swings as we talk to decompress.


What I love most about the swing set is the freedom that I feel,

the higher we go the less my problems feel real.


I will forever have her back and she has proved that she has mine,

I’ll be meeting her at the swings until the end of time.