More Than Just the Toast

more than the toast.jpg

At four years old my mother taught me

How to turn bread into toast.

I made 7 slices right away,

But it wasn’t the toast that I liked most.


What I loved most about this learning

Was the independence that I felt,

I felt empowered and confident

To have this skill under my belt.


My mother did not once say

That I had made too much,

Instead, she celebrated my excitement

And made sure not to touch.


I made my Dad smile

As I brought him his own piece,

And I felt like a Superhero

As my skill set had increased.


When our children feel like this

They feel so full of worth!

By empowering our children

They find their place upon this earth.


It starts by harnessing the mind

And ensuring our children are emotionally fit,

Our children deserve every advantage

To enhance their body, mind, and spirit.


BayneBooks are not stories

Rather they are brain trainers at work.

These strategies read to children daily

Will ensure they see the perks.


As a caregiver, you do the best you can

To provide an environment to succeed,

BayneBook resources have done it all for you

All you need is to cuddle up and read!