BayneBooks: Tony Robbins meets Dr.Seuss


BayneBooks is a series

That together combines,

Tony Robbins substance

With Dr. Seuss rhymes.


What this means in a nutshell

And, I promise you this,

The BayneBooks series is something

Our children can’t miss.


They are growth and development

Strategies for our youth,

To ensure they are empowered

To live out their truth.


Children are delicate

And, yet, mentally strong,

Adults model the programs

That last in them lifelong.


So it is our responsibility

As a leader and an adult,

To be the example for children

To live the results,

Of a passion driven life

That is worth all the pain,

Life will have its challenges

But the beauty remains.


Children learn through experience

And quality time,

So don’t wait one more day

To implement the BayneBook rhymes


They are not children stories

They are more like mental gifts,

Created to support brain development

And give youth confidence a lift.


Let’s conquer teen suicide

And low self-esteem,

Our children depend on us

To break through the mainstream.  


BayneBooks: Because our children deserve to know how magnificent they are