A Mother's Intention: For My Love To Show



For My Love To Show



I don’t mean to tell you what to do

Or say “no” too many times,

I don’t mean to raise my voice

Or read too much between the lines.


I don’t mean to say the wrong thing

Or lose my patience when we are late,

I don’t mean to seem frustrated

When you don’t eat what’s on your plate.


I don’t mean to rush you

When you are putting on your shoes,

I am sorry for all those moments

It feels like you don’t get to choose.


I don’t mean to be stern with you

When I lose you from my sight,

I don’t mean to keep you

From shining your own light.


I just want to do the right thing

And be the best for you,

And sometimes I don’t do things

In the way that I mean to.


What I really mean to do

Is to demonstrate my love,

In my thoughts and my intentions

You are all that I think of.


What I mean to do is to protect you

From any foreseeable harm,

What I mean to do is bring you happiness

When you seem to be alarmed.


What I mean to show you is how blessed I feel

That the universe brought you to me,

All I want is to give you the world

And help you grow into the person you will be.


What I mean to do in every moment

Is to love you as best as I can,

I will always be here for you

Cheering from the stands.


Dear child, as your mother,

I just want you to know,

There is nothing I want more

Than for my love to show.


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