Bayne Books Beginning


BayneBooks started

as a simple dream,

to conquer insecurity

and build up self-esteem.


As the passion project developed

it turned into something more,

from a dream into a mission

for the world to explore!


The messages in each book

are real-life strategies and tools,

to use together in the home

as well as classrooms in our schools.


Each book is just one strategy

to read and then apply,

the strategies have been formulated

to ensure self-confidence builds high.


The strategies support child development

in becoming emotionally fit and strong,  

by teaching the most effective coping skills

that will stay with youth lifelong.


The poetic and entertaining format

supports word recognition too,

the built-in, repetitive flow

supports cognitive breakthroughs.


These books are more than life lessons,

they are forgotten truths.

They are resources for adults

 to pass down to our youth.


BayneBooks are meant to be read daily

and as you do you will come to see,

how your brain programming can be rewired

and, negative thought patterns, you’ll break free.


Life is a series of discoveries

 Life is supposed to be so much fun,

so, let’s get back to what really matters

your journey with Baynebooks has now begun!


These books will create experiences

with those you share with and explore,

take these messages with you in your interactions

and you’ll make inside jokes galore


I am so excited

to share with you BayneBooks

I know that when you read them

 you will be hooked!