More Than Just the Toast

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At four years old my mother taught me

How to turn bread into toast.

I made 7 slices right away,

But it wasn’t the toast that I liked most.


What I loved most about this learning

Was the independence that I felt,

I felt empowered and confident

To have this skill under my belt.


My mother did not once say

That I had made too much,

Instead, she celebrated my excitement

And made sure not to touch.


I made my Dad smile

As I brought him his own piece,

And I felt like a Superhero

As my skill set had increased.


When our children feel like this

They feel so full of worth!

By empowering our children

They find their place upon this earth.


It starts by harnessing the mind

And ensuring our children are emotionally fit,

Our children deserve every advantage

To enhance their body, mind, and spirit.


BayneBooks are not stories

Rather they are brain trainers at work.

These strategies read to children daily

Will ensure they see the perks.


As a caregiver, you do the best you can

To provide an environment to succeed,

BayneBook resources have done it all for you

All you need is to cuddle up and read!

BayneBooks: Tony Robbins meets Dr.Seuss


BayneBooks is a series

That together combines,

Tony Robbins substance

With Dr. Seuss rhymes.


What this means in a nutshell

And, I promise you this,

The BayneBooks series is something

Our children can’t miss.


They are growth and development

Strategies for our youth,

To ensure they are empowered

To live out their truth.


Children are delicate

And, yet, mentally strong,

Adults model the programs

That last in them lifelong.


So it is our responsibility

As a leader and an adult,

To be the example for children

To live the results,

Of a passion driven life

That is worth all the pain,

Life will have its challenges

But the beauty remains.


Children learn through experience

And quality time,

So don’t wait one more day

To implement the BayneBook rhymes


They are not children stories

They are more like mental gifts,

Created to support brain development

And give youth confidence a lift.


Let’s conquer teen suicide

And low self-esteem,

Our children depend on us

To break through the mainstream.  


BayneBooks: Because our children deserve to know how magnificent they are



A Mother's Intention: For My Love To Show

For My Love To Show



I don’t mean to tell you what to do

Or say “no” too many times,

I don’t mean to raise my voice

Or read too much between the lines.


I don’t mean to say the wrong thing

Or lose my patience when we are late,

I don’t mean to seem frustrated

When you don’t eat what’s on your plate.


I don’t mean to rush you

When you are putting on your shoes,

I am sorry for all those moments

It feels like you don’t get to choose.


I don’t mean to be stern with you

When I lose you from my sight,

I don’t mean to keep you

From shining your own light.


I just want to do the right thing

And be the best for you,

And sometimes I don’t do things

In the way that I mean to.


What I really mean to do

Is to demonstrate my love,

In my thoughts and my intentions

You are all that I think of.


What I mean to do is to protect you

From any foreseeable harm,

What I mean to do is bring you happiness

When you seem to be alarmed.


What I mean to show you is how blessed I feel

That the universe brought you to me,

All I want is to give you the world

And help you grow into the person you will be.


What I mean to do in every moment

Is to love you as best as I can,

I will always be here for you

Cheering from the stands.


Dear child, as your mother,

I just want you to know,

There is nothing I want more

Than for my love to show.


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Bayne Books Beginning


BayneBooks started

as a simple dream,

to conquer insecurity

and build up self-esteem.


As the passion project developed

it turned into something more,

from a dream into a mission

for the world to explore!


The messages in each book

are real-life strategies and tools,

to use together in the home

as well as classrooms in our schools.


Each book is just one strategy

to read and then apply,

the strategies have been formulated

to ensure self-confidence builds high.


The strategies support child development

in becoming emotionally fit and strong,  

by teaching the most effective coping skills

that will stay with youth lifelong.


The poetic and entertaining format

supports word recognition too,

the built-in, repetitive flow

supports cognitive breakthroughs.


These books are more than life lessons,

they are forgotten truths.

They are resources for adults

 to pass down to our youth.


BayneBooks are meant to be read daily

and as you do you will come to see,

how your brain programming can be rewired

and, negative thought patterns, you’ll break free.


Life is a series of discoveries

 Life is supposed to be so much fun,

so, let’s get back to what really matters

your journey with Baynebooks has now begun!


These books will create experiences

with those you share with and explore,

take these messages with you in your interactions

and you’ll make inside jokes galore


I am so excited

to share with you BayneBooks

I know that when you read them

 you will be hooked!