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About Jenna

I grew up imagining

What life would be like,

If we were all loved for who we are

Rather than trying to be alike.

I struggled in school

Until about sixth grade,

Without any known explanation

My learning struggles began to fade.

Although my grades improved

My self-esteem did not,

My depression in high school 

Was something I daily fought.

Then I lost my uncle to suicide 

And my childhood friend too,

At fifteen I hit my lowest of lows 

Believing I had failed those two. 

I struggled with body image

And I struggled with friends,

I struggled with confidence

And I constantly thought of ways for life to end.

At my breaking point a miracle occurred 

I met Wayne Dyer face to face,

And his whole presence and words  

Put me in such a faith place.

I believed in his message

He became a guru for me

And from that moment my life

Changed in the largest degree.

At fifteen years old 

I started learning about the brain,

I had to understand

What was making me feel depression and pain.

Fast forward through university 

I got my teaching degree,

And, although, I loved my second graders

There was something itching at me.

I continued a double study

Of neuroscience and nutrition,

To see the impact of foods

On the human complex cognition. 

That led me to being here 

impacting individuals worldwide,

 building emotional intelligence

is my greatest pride.

I want you to have this knowledge

So when you experience pain,

You have the tools and the resources

To break the habitual mind train.

To impact this world

You must be the best version of you,

This is my greatest mission  

And what my work guides you through.

I facilitate retreats and workshops

I am ready to show you, 

The impact of my work

And what it will do for you.

In addition to speaking 

I created The BayneBooks Series too

These are development books 

for both parent and child to go through

for years I have coached

individual families too

and have built online courses

check to see if they speak to you.

eating disorders, depression

growing up experiences too,

as well as creating a family 

despite what that looks like for you

are all experiences

that are unique to you

and are often sources of pain

you must navigate through

that is why learning this knowledge

is worth all the time spent 

it is about who will become

one hundred percent.

my mission is to uplift and help

humanity thrive, 

by enhancing the family dynamic 

and making you come alive. 

You will learn how to listen

To that voice inside

I will show you how to know your intuition

And to trust it is the greatest guide

I am excited to connect

And collaborate with you more

You are destined for greatest

I know that at my core. 

Ideal client

My mindset training is best for those who are craving change,

Those ready be uplifted and inspired in a unique exchange.

The training is interactive and requires no extra tools

Just presence and focus and willingness to break some of the outdated rules. 

Elementary school children, all the way to the adults,

Have experienced this training with impactful results.

Corporation and businesses as well as personal retreats

my intention is to impact every single taken seat.

My book series is educational and entertaining, and are in many schools,

Continuing to connect with educational influencers and parents would be really cool.