Get out of your head!

Parenting Playbook Course

In 8 weeks your parenting perspective and responsive feedback will change with your children. You will learn to communicate in ways little ears can hear and how to correct behaviour without damaging self-esteem. This a go at your own pace, self study course with the option of attending a mastermind call at the end to tie it altogether.  

The Lonely Marriage Course

How is it possible to be with someone and feel lonely? How is it possible to feel so undesirable and unheard when you are in a committed partnership? How can you feel so distant when you share the same bed as someone? Marriage is an ever-evolving strategic practice constantly in review. Marriage with children is that plus running consistently late. This course will save you from losing yourself no matter where you are. You can have the marriage you've always imagined. In fact, it is the only thing you will accept. 

Champion Family Partnership Course

There are four types of families. The independent type, the kid-centered type, the parent-centered type and the all-in type. Learn which type your family is and where your family wants to go. Are you ready to create your dream family life? Learn how to maximize the unique and beautiful aspects of your specific family dynamic through this interactive, experienced based course for the whole family. 

Meet Jenna

I have a background in Neuroscience, Nutrition and Quantum Physics.

My goal is simple: To help you understand your body, mind and the world in which we coexist. 

BayneBooks Series

A book series designed for children and made for adults. I've always loved fairytales and adventure stories. As a kid, I dreamed of being Cinderella and wearing the best dresses and finding my prince. What I was lacking though was confidence in my own strengths, importance and worth as a powerful young woman. The BayneBooks Series was designed to build belief in my readers while maintaining the power of imagination. Now classrooms, libraries and families are building belief in our futures. That is the kind of atmosphere I want to be responsible for creating in my household - an anything is possible attitude for greatness! I am glad you are a parent who thinks the same :) 


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